About Us

We are the Ukrainian Fur Farmers Association (UFFA), which unites the representatives of fur farms in Ukraine breeding about 95 % of  fur animals in Ukraine.

The UFFA was established in 2008 by farms specializing in mink farming.


  • were established and are working for the development of fur farming in Ukraine and represent the voice of the industry;
  • represent and protect the interests of Ukrainian business;
  • contribute to the growth of well-being of the rural population and the development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine, make efforts for the development of rural areas;
  • advocate for opening new markets for Ukrainian products and integration with the EU;
  • adhere to transparency and openness to cooperation.

Our values are, first of all, business freedom, social responsibility, law-abidingness and patriotism.

As of today, the UFFA members have invested about $100 million in the development of the Ukrainian agrarian sector, employed about 1,500 people living mainly in rural areas, account for the export of domestic products worth up to $70 million annually, and pay about 30 million hryvnias in taxes annually to the budgets of all levels, including the budgets of village councils.

As responsible farmers who care about the environment and the health of animals, all members of the UFFA adhere to high environmental and sanitary standards. The UFFA and its members respect and adhere to all principles and requirements for the health and welfare of animals of both Ukrainian and EU legislation.

Members of the UFFA have passed all stages of certification for compliance with the requirements of the European program WelFur, the world’s most advanced program for evaluation of animal welfare by a third (independent) party. The WelFur program sets out more demanding requirements than those envisaged by EU legislation and its application is recognized by the European Commission as a self-regulation initiative.

The UFFA also has the honour to cooperate with the International Fur Federation (IFF), which was established in 1949 and currently unites 56 associations from more than 40 countries. The IFF brings together all of the international fur industry, including farmers, trappers, dressers, manufacturers, brokers, auction houses, retailers and designers. Each member of the IFF is a signatory to the Code of Conduct, which requires strict compliance with both the Code itself and local laws governing the operation of the industry.

Four representatives of the UFFA participate in meetings of the IFF twice a year on a regular basis, discussing and solving important issues related to the development of fur farming, certification of production, and the international trade of fur.

All the UFFA members have successfully entered the international markets and currently sell almost 100 % of their products through international auction houses: Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark), Sagafurs (Finland) and NAFA (Canada).

The fur farming sector in Ukraine is developing dynamically, and this opens up wide opportunities for investment, the creation of new farms and jobs, an increase in exports of Ukrainian goods, foreign exchange earnings and taxes.

The UFFA believes in the future of Ukraine, the potential of its economy, the Ukrainian village and Ukrainian people, and makes every effort for their success.