WELFUR Сertification

WelFur is a scientifically grounded animal welfare program that is currently the world’s most advanced program in this field.

WelFur was developed by independent scientists from seven European universities* and is based on the principles of the European Commission’s Welfare Quality® project.

The WelFur program uses a multilateral approach to animal welfare assessment. In particular, the assessment of conditions of keeping animals is based on objective indicators obtained through scientific research. Certification involves the study of 12 parameters, including parameters of animal health, their natural behaviour, housing system, nutrition, positive and negative emotions, relationships between people and animals, methods of management of a fur farm, etc.

In January 2019, the European Commission decided to use WelFur as an instrument of self-regulation, which testifies to the recognition of this certification system by the EU authorities, its credibility and its compliance with EU legislation.

At the same time, the requirements of the WelFur program are more serious than the requirements set forth directly by the EU legislation (which, in essence, defines only minimum requirements).

The certification for compliance with the requirements of WelFur is carried out by a third party, an independent company Baltic Control®.

All members of the UFFA have passed all stages of certification for compliance with WelFur requirements.

After WelFur certification, all members of the UFFA have proven that they:
  • meet higher and more stringent requirements in the field of animal welfare than the requirements set forth directly by the EU legislation and Ukrainian legislation;
  • are participants to the self-regulation system formally introduced in the EU in January 2019 and fully recognized by the European Commission.

WelFur is now part of the more global certification and traceability program FURMARK.

By providing objective and reliable documentation of conditions of animal keeping, WelFur serves as a tool for controlling conditions of animal keeping, obtaining relevant data for analysis and decision-making, and managing fur farms safely, and at the same time guaranteeing transparency for customers in terms of animal welfare in any time.

* These universities include:

1) University of Eastern Finland (Department of Biosciences);
2) MTT Agrifood Research, Finland (Animal Production Research);
3) Aarhus University, Denmark (Department of Animal Health and Bioscience);
4) Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Department of Animal and Agricultural Sciences);
5) Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Department of Animal Environment and Health);
6) University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (Department of Animals in Science & Society);
7) French National Institute of Agronomic Research.