Mink skins produced by our members in Ukraine are sold through one of the five global auction houses. This means that by 2020, Ukrainian mink skins will be FURMARK certified.

The International Fur Federation (IFF), the global fur industry representative body, is in the process of developing FURMARK.

FURMARK, is an independent world-class, comprehensive certification and traceability program that covers sustainability, animal welfare and the dressing and dyeing of fur.

FURMARK is a guarantee of commitment to the highest sustainability standards and assurance that the fur industry is striving to further improve the sustainability of the sector.

FURMARK will be launched globally in 2020 by the International Fur Federation (IFF), the global fur industry representative body. The IFF is currently establishing the infrastructure, protocols and partners to deliver the program. FURMARK covers all aspects of the fur trade and after 2020 FURMARK certified furs will be sold through the auction houses globally.

FURMARK is based on three key principles:

  1. Science: Certification programs and protocols are science based and will be approved by independent experts.

  2. Independent inspection: Verification systems at each stage of the supply chain will be conducted by independent third-party experts and publicly available.

  3. Transparency: Certification programs must meet national regulations and ISEAL’s credibility principles*.
* International Social & Environmental Standards Accreditation & Labelling Alliance), the global membership association for credible sustainability standard’s credibility principles.